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Legendary 60s Recording Artists


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Our pricing structure is based on many factors, such as the type of engagement, size of structure, attendance, location, time schedule, performance time, indoor or outdoor event, accessibility and equipment and personnel needed.

When you hire The Tempests(sm), you are not only paying for the actual performance, but you are also paying for rehearsals, travel expenses, amount of pro audio equipment needed, transportation, setup and tear down of music gear and production fees.


We have some of the strongest vocals and 3 part harmony  in the industry. We perform almost every genre of rock music. We focus on TOP 40 well known hits from the 60s through today. We provide something for everyone. We provide a dynamic high energy fun filled show, with the audience in mind. Almost all our music has a significant groove or dance beat, so the dance floor is very active.

We are an ALL LIVE BAND! What this means is we are not using any sampled pre-recorded, looped, karaoke type of background music or backing tracks, to try to sound better or fuller than we really are.  We are 100% LIVE! There are plenty of karaoke bands and bands using backing tracks, as well as DJs to choose from, if this is the type of entertainment you are looking for. We are confidant you will be extremely satisfied with what you hear! We are a full service self contained band with regard to sound equipment, instruments, lighting and whatever is needed for a performance.  We have the capabilities to provide what is needed for private parties, club performances, concert and arena events, etc.

The Tempests(sm) take their sound very serious! We believe a band is only as good as their weakest link. All our music gear is our own, valued at over $50,000.00, consisting of the highest quality in Pro Audio, from the drum set, guitar and bass amps to the concert quality pro audio sound system. With that said, remember one thing, when hiring a band! You usually get what you pay for!


Lighting is usually provided by the establishment, promoter, event manager, etc. However, if lighting is needed, we can provide whatever is needed for the event for an additional fee. This fee will be based on the type and amount of lighting and effects needed.


 The Tempests(sm) promise we will provide you with the most hassle free experience and the best entertainment possible. We promise to act in a professional manner, and make our performance enjoyable and memorable. We are not a bar band! We are professional musicians that have been performing for many years. We have heard the horror stories about some bands acting unprofessional, using obscene gestures, language, etc, that are inappropriate for the engagement. We take our performance and music seriously, which is the difference between between amateurs, that are playing for tips, food or beer, and dedicated professionals. Our performance will be fun and enjoyable for the entire family.

In closing, When a client books a band, the client has to trust, that the band will create a good time and be entertaining. By hiring The Tempests(sm), your experience will be a hassle free, frustration free, enjoyable experience!  We know what is needed to be done, so you won't have to waste your time babysitting the band. Our entire business comes from word of mouth referrals. Most of our clients have used us many times. And 100% of our clients are 100% satisfied!

Send an email to, for pricing and information regarding booking The Legendary Tempests(sm) for your next event! 

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