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Today the band consists of one remaining original  member, former front man Tommy Angarano (AKA Tommy Tempest), (Guitar, Keyboards,  Guitar Synthesizer and Lead and Backing Vocals).

After the original band broke up, in the late 60s, he played in a few other well known bands including The Emotions, Pink Anacin, The Outlaws and Raven. He continued to keep the band name alive, organizing reunion concerts.

In 1997, After a series of reunion concerts, with the original members, he realized just how much he missed playing full time with them and asked them to regroup as a band with him. After years of determination and hard work, he's still singing your favorite tunes as well as some newer material. It has always been his passion to be a musician so he has added guitar and keys to his talents. 

You could say he's living his dream.


A new addition to the band, in 2007 is former  drummer of LMS and WISEGUY, Darren Shaw (Drums, Percussion and Lead and Backing Vocals).

Darren has added a totally new and more modern feel, with his hard driving dynamic drumming and strong vocals. As a result of his added vocals, The Tempests still have their singing versatility and smooth 3 part harmonies, they have always been known for! It is an experience to watch him perform.  You will immediately know he is the real deal, giving it 100% every time. You can tell he enjoys what he does. He is a real crowd pleaser.

He was born to be a musician.


A new addition to the band in 2018, is Robert Foster, (Bass, and Lead and Backing Vocals), a veteran of the Los Angeles music scene in the late 70s, as a member of the band Suite 19. He performed extensively, in the New York City area and Florida, in the early 80s, with the band Destiny. He toured with Melanie, in the late 80s, in America and Europe. He performed locally, in the early 90s, with Gale Force, Naked People and Equinox.

Robert has a unique style of bass playing. And with the addition of his strong vocals, The Tempests will continue to have their singing versatility and smooth 3 part harmonies, they have always been known for.

The Combination of these 3 player's, multi-instruments, talents have created a full  high energy

ALL LIVE, (No Backing Tracks) sound that you would normally only hear from a much larger band..

Many refer to them as a POWER TRIO

You just have to see and hear them to believe it yourself!

So be sure to attend a Tempest(sm) Concert in your area.  They perform music  from 60s to modern day.

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